Two months without posting or writing anything new…  what a slacker!!!

Here is a quick update:

  • Summer went by quickly, but was able to play a lot of golf.
  • I’m back at work getting to know my new students. Seventy-six students and slowly learning all of their names.
  • I’m so ready to shoot some cyclocross.  I missed the first 2 weeks of YettiCross, but I hope to make it next week.
  • Canon will release the Canon 7D  in a few weeks.  Amazon, Adorama and B&H are already backordered on the camera.  Looking for an online dealer to pre-order the camera.
  • I’m currently updating the layout of  Please, sorry for the mess when you visit the site.  I can’t believe it has been almost 4 years since I created and started shooting cycling.

That’s all for now folks…see you @ cyclocross!!