I spent the weekend at The Woodlands shooting the Terra X and Cross Thru the Woods races. I must admit that after spending a couple of hours outside with the cold weather at the Terra X race I was not sure about going out on Sunday to shoot Cross Thru the Woods. Saturday night I had to download all the images to free up the memory from the CF cards and while going over the shots of the day I could not believe how great was the light and how clear was the sky. Even though I had crack lips and dry mouth from the dry cold air, I decided to go out to shoot Cross Thru the Woods. Sunday was easier since the weather was better and I was familiar with the course since it was the same location as last year.

I have never taken so many pictures in the two days I spent at The Woodlands. After downloading everything to my main PC, I had about 2,275 RAW files…that’s about 33GB of data. It’s going to take me a while to go through all the images, selecting, processing and uploading them to Sportsduo.com. Before heading out to the Woodlands, I upgraded to Adobe Lightroom 2.6 since it allows me to process the RAW files from the Canon 7D. I use MRAW instead of full RAW because I had a feeling I was not going to have enough memory to cover one full day of racing using two camera bodies (7D and 40D). The last race I shot, Houston Cross, I used JPG with the 7D and I didn’t feel comfortable processing them…the files didn’t look right. I’m glad I did the upgrade…now I can go back to my old workflow settings that I had with the 40D instead of processing JPG files.

It was a great weekend…got to spend time with Pam and Frank (our hosts at the Woodlands) and got to see some friends at the races. Can’t wait for next year!