I have to admit that I am the worst critic of my work.  A couple of days ago we sent some pictures to print locally.  My wife went to pick up the pictures and I told her to call me as soon as she got a hold of the pictures.  She called and told me that the pictures looked good.  I asked her:

“How do the colors look?”

“Are the pictures too dark?”

“Do they look sharp enough?”

She replied saying “…to my eyes they looked good, but you only know if they are good enough for you!”

Hmmm, it made me think..maybe I am overly critical about what a picture is supposed to be. This made me think about a conversation I had with Carl Baker during last week’s race.  We were chatting about composition, selecting images and processing/editing.   He said that even if the image breaks a rule or two, if  he likes it…he will work on the image.

I tend to be very strict about what images I upload and display on my site.  I normally shoot 2-3 frames every time I press the shutter button.  The reason for this is because I’m not looking for three good shots, I’m looking for a great one.  A lot can happen within a second.  As I’m going through the images from the Cat1/2/3 & Women’s race from Week 5, I came up with the image below.  My first instinct was…”helmet and wheels are cut off…NO GOOD”.  I flagged for deletion and decided to take a break.  Since I shut down Lightroom with this picture on the display, when I came back to the computer this is the image that came up.   I took another look at the image and my attitude was different.  I liked it!  The picture breaks a couple of technical rules, but achieves to demonstrate speed.

Bottom line, photography should be about what the picture is demonstrating and not about rules!!!  Sometimes is good to break some rules…