Pictures from week 5 are finally online. Sorry for the delay, we have family in town and is not often that we have them visiting.  I will not be able to be at the crits tomorrow (July 8 ) because we are taking the family to San Antonio.  Follow the links for the pictures of each race:

Cat 4/5

Cat 1/2/3 & Women

Still working on the pictures from week 5.  I had a busy weekend and didn’t have a chance to work on the images.   Currently working on the 1/2/3 & Women’s race…cat 4/5 are online. I will post a message on TXBRA and here (on the blog) when all the images are uploaded.


What a great finish on the 4/5’s last night!  After the last turn, I wasn’t sure who had a lead…I wasn’t sure on who to focus.  I waited a little longer and committed on the right side of the pack (my left).  Here are 4 shots in sequence from the finish.  Not even the six frames per second able to catch when they cross the line.  Maybe Carl had a better angle or his timing was better then mine.  After the last frame, I embedded a short video of the finish.  Sorry for the low angle…didn’t have the tripod with me at that time so I used my only available support…my backpack. Also, might not be safe for work because of careful.


Cat 4/5 Finish – Week 5 Memorial Park Crit Series from Carlos.Rosario on Vimeo.