Another great Terra X race!  That’s two for two on 2010.  Plenty of light – check, clear blue sky – check, warmer weather – check, hard course (again) – check.  I’m very pleased with the shots and cannot ask for better conditions to shoot a race.  All of the imagery is here.  Enjoy some the samples from the races.

All the images from the 2010 YettiCross race are now online on my  Scroll down to see some of the action from YCX.  Thanks for the support!

Images from 2010 Yetticross.

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I think is just a matter of time before I get hit with a bike or an elbow on one of the races.  At first it would hurt, but I would feel the same as if a cyclist goes down on a crit…I’m OK, but what about my bike?  In my case…I’m OK, but what about my camera and lens?  I like a lot the perspective when I use a wide angle lens.  To get that perspective I have to get really close to the action.  When shooting with my 10-22mm lens @ 10mm, I lose the the perception of proximity.  Things look far..when they are really close.  They should have the following warning on the wide lenses: Objects view through a wide angle lens are closer than they appear!